Make It Better

That's what I do. I use my skills as an information architect to make great interactive projects better. If you want to learn more about me, Carl Collins, click next to see some examples of my thoughts, or check my portfolio. Thanks for stopping by.

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a wirefame

This Shouldn't Be A Struggle

But it seems that trying to get clients, designers and engineers to agree is a problem in need of a translator. Throw in the needs and goals of the user and their patterns of use and you find yourself pushed to the edge. I'm experienced at sorting out these differences and give meaningful structure to interactive projects.

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Sumo Wrestlers

Need A Map?

Making sense of where to go on a website shouldn't be a chore no matter how complex the site is. I help untangle the navigation so people can find what they're looking for.

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Confusing Japanese Sign

Pleasing the Crowd

You may know who is using your site. But do you know how they are using it? What questions are you asking them? How are you asking them? I can help you answer these questions.

Setup and manage repositories with ease

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  • Testimonials

    I've relied on Carl time and time again to help me launch mission critical projects for my user experience publishing house. He's the prototypical multi-dimensional and empathetic UX practitioner, and brings those skills to bear in every project we've collaborated on. And he's dedicated: whether working on a cutting edge project or a mundane but critical storefront, Carl puts his all and more in every project.

    — Lou Rosenfeld

    Carl Collins is a multitalented, multidiscplinary, UX wunderkind. After graduating from the School of Information he joined Enlighten, and right away made a huge impact with his enthusiasm for new ideas and his ability to build bridges.

    — Chris Farnum